Sunday, May 18, 2014

Months fly

It is cliche because it is the truth; time flies. I haven't blogged because I've been fully engaged in mommy and wife land. And while some women can successfully blog about their daily adventures, I can't seem to balance everything with such grace.

Looking back on the last 5 and a half months, the kaleidoscope of blessings and challenges mixes into a patchwork of which pictures can only do justice:

Our girl turned one in March. She started walking at 13 months. She has practically all of her teeth. She is just as obsessed with eating grapefruit as she is with dancing, raising her arms and twirling to anything with a beat. She is an early riser, like around 5 am. She just learned to pull her diaper off. She melts me on a daily basis.

Oh, how I thank my Heavenly King for all the things you are, Claira Jane.