Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Path to Him

Hi all,

We got Tyler's rejection letter from the only medical school he applied to yesterday. We had been waiting since October for the news--this was the school here in Portland that he was on the alternate list for last year. :(

Yes, it is sad, heartbreaking, and FRUSTRATING. But the Lord has been so good to us. We've felt comforted and feel led to a couple of options for the current time. However, Tyler is no quitter. He'll reapply when the time is right. When people ask about how Tyler has approached his applying to schools, the general conversation goes like this:

"Tyler did well on the MCAT (32Q) and had a high science and general GPA (3.9). This was year three of applications. The first two years he applied to over 10 schools, each time getting 4-5 interviews and 2-3 wait-listed positions to different schools. This year he ONLY applied to OHSU (here in Portland) because I am in school and my program won't be done until April 2011."

I'm telling you all this so you don't have to ask all the details. I mean, of course you can ask questions if you want, but you know how it goes: "So, has Tyler heard from medical school?" and "Oh, no. What are you guys going to do?" It just kind of rubs the rejection in again :). Yes, he has heard. No, we do not have definite plans for the future. No, he is currently not considering PA school, chiropractic school, nurse practitioner school, Caribbean school , etc. He IS considering a Master's of Healthcare Administration here in Portland, but that's not for sure, either. Life is up in the air, and asking about it doesn't make it any more clear.

Does this post sound angry? I'm not angry, well, at least right now I'm not. I just know how well-meaning people ask lots of the same questions, and repeating answers wears on my already weary soul :)

Like I said, the Lord has comforted us. It doesn't make sense. But this is, of course, because we only get to see the current puzzle piece. When life is over and we see the work of art God made of our lives, I know we'll be grateful. One of my favorite quotes I found on my mission says that "our detours and disappointments are the straight and narrow path to Him." (Pres. Hunter said it, and I believe it with all my heart).