Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday, Truman

Like several families I know, we have a couple of angels waiting for us in heaven. Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Truman's delivery to this world. He was, as you know, born deceased. His gestation period was a mere 135 days. He weighed just under a pound and was 9 inches long. He had his dad's eyebrows and long, muscular legs (Ty and I both have a 30 inch inseam, so it wasn't a generational thing). I sang to him, I talked to him, and heaven was very near.

While many dreams were broken on November 13, 2011, the dream I had of holding an infant in my arms came true:
Tears still freely fall when I think about the joys and sorrows of this day and the days that have followed.  I know I posted this song in my last post, but it bears repeating--I held Truman, and God has held me up through the support and love of so many angels, both here on earth and above.

Truman, I love you. Forever. Thank you for coming to our family. Your dad and I have learned more about the purpose of life and our desire to be a forever family because of you. Your spirit lingers, and we are so grateful.